Last night I saw the movie gladiator, I have heard very much about it but didn’t really get the time to watch it online or download it. The epic movies of warriors, braves and legends have always fascinated me. The great character of gladiator played by Russell was amazing, the way he slashed the bodies of enemies on the streets of Rome. It seemed like the demon of the brave has popped out in search of vengeance. The terror of him was all visible in the eyes of the emperor’s son when he finally killed him. I really enjoyed the thrill and feel of vengeance while watching the movie.

Actually, I watched it during night and went to sleep directly after that. The story of the movie was all in to my mind. So I got a nightmare with some glimpses of the movie and some alien stuff as well. I think that’s how our mind works. The scenario of it was all in my mind so I linked it with my thought and made a nightmare around it. The dream started when I was playing baseball in the backyard with some friends I invited over to hangout. And then I hit the ball so hard that it went to some another galaxy and I also went behind it to bring it back.

There I had a crazy encounter with the supernatural beings like demons, monster and all. Then I became the gladiator to fight to them with all my guts, but still I was not capable enough. There my dream got converted in to the nightmare; one of the terror dolls was trying to choke my neck to death. And I woke up the very moment, catching my breath and analyzed that it was just a dream.